by Gerald L. K. Smith

The same satanic forces which brought about the sentencing of our Lord to Calvary's cross are active in the world today. These forces are determined that our Lord shall be crucified anew and that the civilization and cultural environment which have grown out of His life and His teachings shall be mutilated, subdued and destroyed.

The enemies of Christ operate on every front. Their chief underwriter is the organized Jew who is determined that Christ as the Son of God shall not be the determining factor in the destiny of our society whether it involves the individual, or the world, or the factors which lie between individual influence and world-wide influence.


An increasing number of children are being brought into an environment which not only belittles the deity and saving power of Jesus Christ, but ridicules the idea as a fundamental factor in life. The enemies of Christ have infiltrated the Church itself and literally thousands of so-called preachers of the Gospel are representing our Lord merely as a gentle prophet, minus the uniqueness of Divinity. Some of these latter day betrayers of Christian faith would represent the Divine Saviour as an erstwhile Gandhi. Once the individual relationship between a man and his Saviour is lost or forfeited, he becomes easy prey for regimentation and negative influence.


America was built by families who respected the divine presence of Jesus Christ in the home. They looked upon Him as the final authority involving morals, social conduct and daily behavior. In a high percentage of the homes which constituted the early fabric of American life the family altar was a fixture. In these homes the Bible was accepted as the inspired word of God and Jesus Christ as His only Begotten Son. The father and the mother were able to determine the environment of their children by the power of consent and veto. Today this authority has been defied and a Jew-controlled secularism invades the home every day and every night via radio and television. Influences and portrayals which would have been outlawed a generation ago now become the daily diet of the American family. Bawdy house entertainment which characterized only houses of prostitution in other generations is now brought into the American home even on Sunday night.


During the formative period of our national life, Christ was glorified in every community enterprise. Today the mention of the name of Christ in a school room is considered a violation of law offensive to the atheists and the Jews. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League has a nationwide campaign to forbid even the saying of grace over school lunches on the grounds that to honor the name of Christ is to offend the Jews.


Under Jewish pressure certain states have outlawed the Nativity Scene glorifying the birth of Christ. This forbids the erection of the nativity scene in front of city halls, schoolhouses, court houses and public squares.   (go to top)

(continued - Christ Is The Issue!)
A Nation which has been blessed because of its high tribute to the Name of Jesus Christ is being asked to make of this Holy Name forbidden fruit. Public officials are being coerced, school teachers have been intimidated, "Jingle Bells" is being substituted for "Silent Night, Holy Night." Communities which forbid the mention of the Name of Christ in prayer or song now advocate that the students be enlightened on Communism. Cynical professors and atheistic instructors do not hesitate to tear down Christian faith in school rooms where the teaching of Christian faith is forbidden.


Shrewd politicians have been made to realize that the name of Christ must never be introduced in speeches or campaign talks having to do with the Nation's welfare. Subtle forces have arranged for a Jew of wealth and substance to give financial support to every prospective winning candidate, regardless of his party, so that this supporter can serve as a veto instrument against the risk of the candidate embracing CHRISTIAN statesmanship. Mature observers believe that one reason for the purging of the fearless General Edwin Walker was the fact that he is a militant Christian. (See the Walker statement elsewhere in this magazine.) In his great address shortly after returning from Europe, this dynamic hero and courageous patriot closed his address with the words, "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God ..." I am one who believes that the Jew-manipulated smear sheet which launched the campaign to purge Walker was offended because of General Walker's militant Christianity.


The conspirators against Christian tradition and national sovereignty were behind the formation of the United Nations and its propaganda arm UNESCO. Imagine the United States being part of a potential World Government machine whose first Secretary General, Alger Hiss, was a traitor and in which any mention of the name of Christ is forbidden and in which a Christian prayer is outlawed. It is my earnest conviction that if we submit permanently to this Christless, anti-Christ, atheistic, traitor-produced monstrosity - if we submit to this Babylonian tyranny, God will curse us for our disobedience and our official blasphemy.

Alleged patriots who become pretenders in their so-called patriotic campaigns on the deliberate basis that Jesus Christ is not the issue are merely Pied Pipers and blind leaders of the blind. It is fairly safe to fight Communism or any form of subversion if Christ is not made the issue; but if one dares to make Christ the issue, he will be immediately honored by smear, abuse and misrepresentation. The Jew-controlled press and information media will dub the militant Christian patriot as a bigot, hatemonger and a lunatic. The sputum of scorn, misrepresentation and abuse should not surprise the Christian crusader. The same treatment was meted out to our Lord, Whose name we defend.

The twins of the anti-Christ are determined that the name of Christ shall be blotted out as a divine figure in our political and social life. These twins are Zionism and Communism. Their activities alternate between collusion and parallel movement, but the net result is to crucify our Lord anew.


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