by Gerald L. K. Smith

The mind-washing machine of the enemies of America has been turned into high gear. The enemies of Christ and the saboteurs of this Constitutional Republic are in a ruthless campaign to make traitors seem like patriots and to make criminals appear like saints. These mind-washers and arm twisters and witch burners are determined that those of us who have stood in the front line of this battle to preserve Christian civilization shall be made to appear as bigots, hatemongers and lunatics.

The press, radio and television have been nailed to the cross of manipulation and Jewish pressure. The twins of the anti-Christ, Zionism and Communism, are seeking to destroy not only the foreground of our tradition, but the background of our tradition.

This pincer movement operates on a fulcrum which threatens us with invasion from without and degeneration from within.

Truth is the answer. Buried truth must be resurrected. Hidden truth must be exposed, and those of us who stand in the front line of this struggle must continue in the future as we have in the past to publish, speak and distribute this truth regardless of the risks involving smear and physical danger.

Let's face it. Am I a bigot, overwhelmed with prejudice, who has become the fanatical leader of thousands of hatemongers? Or am I a Christian statesman devoted to patriotic tradition, Constitutional government and national sovereignty?

How did I, Gerald L. K. Smith, get this way? Am I alone? Am I just an opinionated fanatic operating from a heart of bitterness and contempt? Or am I a warm-hearted Christian overwhelmed with love for my country and determined to pay any price in the battle to preserve this Christian civilization, this magnificent America, this Constitutional tradition?

Because of the mind-washed press and the doctored comment reaching the people through radio and television, millions of Americans do not realize that the principles on which this Christian Nationalist Crusade is founded are exactly the same principles that produced our Nation, and further back produced this civilization.

Be assured that when I write these things I am not alone. I claim no originality in my viewpoints. I am surrounded by a great company of favorable witnesses, both living and dead. So when you discuss this enterprise, this crusade and this dynamic movement with a friend or a relative, do not permit them to dismiss the subject by saying, "Oh, he is a bigot and a hatemonger," because such is not the case.

The human being doesn't live on this earth whom I hate and the last thing that I want in this world is to do injury to any human being regardless of his race, creed or color. But because of my great love for America and its tradition, I want that we shall maintain a Christian destiny for our Nation and a doctrine of racial self-respect in harmony with the teachings of Washington, Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

Some people who read this article will be surprised to discover that the greatest Christian leaders of history, and the greatest students of subversion are on my side in this battle. Here is some shocking and convincing testimony.

1. Martin Luther, the Christian reformer, wrote a book entitled "The Jews and Their Lies" in which he dealt with the problem of Christianity as it faced the organized conspiracy of the Jews to destroy it. The book was written by Dr. Luther in his 63rd year and is part of the preserved works of the Protestant reformer. His summary of the Jewish problem is stronger and more intense than anything which has ever appeared in my writings, or in The Cross and the Flag, or in any of the pamphlets distributed by the Christian Nationalist Crusade. In fact, the book by Luther is so strong that it had not been translated into English until it was so done under my direction. The reader has no way of imagining the pressure which was brought on me to prevent the translation and publication of this terrific volume. After its translation, I submitted a copy of the first edition to 1500 Lutheran preachers asking that they correct my mistakes in translation. The job was so expertly done by one of the prominent Lutheran clergymen that not one correction was offered. If Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer, speaks in stronger language concerning the Jewish question than does Gerald L. K. Smith, how can any Protestant clergyman with honor refer to me as a bigot, a hatemonger and a leader of the lunatic fringe? Are these Protestant clergymen ready to refer to Martin Luther as a bigot and a hatemonger? Once they do so, they crumble and undermine the whole Protestant movement.

2. Twenty-six Popes. The superficial reader might assume that in referring to Dr. Luther's book "The Jews and Their Lies" I was limiting the field of understanding on this subject to Protestants only, but may I remind you that the Jewish problem, even in the days of the Protestant Reformation, and before and after, was not a sectarian problem.   (go to top)

(continued - Is Alertness Bigotry? Is Patriotism Prejudice? Is a lover of Christ a Hatemonger?)
It was a universal problem involving a world-wide conspiracy on the part of certain Jews to infiltrate the churches and destroy Christianity. Most Americans, which means most Catholics and most Protestants, do not realize that down through the centuries 26 Popes issued 61 edicts exposing the Jewish conspiracy to destroy Christianity.

I have directed the research which has resulted in a chart giving the names of the 26 Popes, the names and dates of their edicts, the dates of publication and a summary of the purpose of each edict. These edicts were much stronger, as the chart reveals, than anything ever spoken by me or ever published in The Cross and the Flag. So if a Priest or a Catholic of any status should brand Gerald L. K. Smith as a bigot or a hatemonger, what is he going to say about 26 Popes and their 61 edicts?

So you see the issue is neither a Catholic issue nor a Protestant issue, but is a life-and-death issue involving the preservation of Christianity. Therefore, my challenge to Jewish tyranny and its 'hidden hand' attempts to control what we speak and what we write is not that of a lone wolf breathing the bitter fires of bigotry and hate. It is the deep convictions of a Christian patriot who finds agreement in the official statements of the great leaders among Protestants and of the 26 Popes among Catholics.

3. America's Number One Citizen. In the prime of his life Henry Ford, Sr., war referred to by many as America's Number One citizen. He personified the free enterprise system. He was a wholesome and generous-minded industrial statesman. He was a leader in the movement to improve working conditions for the laborer. He was a lover of peace and a loyal devotee to the rich traditions which made America.

Imagine Mr. Ford's shock when he discovered that a handful of scheming New York Jews were in an underhanded campaign to get control of his factory. He thereupon called in the greatest research minds available and instructed them to make a survey. Said he: "I want to know all about the international Jews." At a cost of literally millions of dollars the survey was made under the direction of W. J. Cameron and was published under the direction of Mr. Ernest Liebold. The result was a volume entitled "The International Jew." Its exposures were so shocking that immediately Mr. Ford and his family began to receive all sorts of threats of violence. Such pressures were brought on the company that the book was taken out of print. Jews and their agents went into libraries and public reading rooms and stole the volumes and destroyed them. At one time certain editions of this book, which originally sold for 50c, brought hundreds of dollars because it became so scarce that it was a collector's item. Nothing I have ever written or said on the Jewish question has been stronger than that which appeared in Mr. Ford's book. Suddenly the press published a story to the effect that Mr. Ford had apologized for publishing the book; but after Mr. Ford's death a former employee confessed that he had copied Mr. Ford's signature and placed it under the apology in what must have been one of the most ruthless pieces of skulduggery in the history of American literature.

Last year in the face of risks, threats and dire implications, I ordered the book republished, and it is now available. Thus, as I read this volume of clearly written information, prepared at a cost to Mr. Ford of millions of dollars, I remind myself again - I am not alone. The man who was at one time considered by many as America's Number One citizen was on my side.

4. Colonel John Beaty. This magnificent American was one of the top men of Military Intelligence in World War II. After the war he resumed his position as a Dean in Southern Methodist University. I was overwhelmed to the point of tears when there came to my desk a copy of Colonel Beaty's book, a beautiful volume of 268 pages, bound in cloth, entitled "The Iron Curtain Over America." Why did I drop my head on my arms and lean over on my desk and literally sob when I saw this book? I will tell you why. Because it supported completely the theme to which I have given my life and for which I have been persecuted, threatened with death and ridiculed. The thought that one of the great students of subversion a great scholar and a great soldier had chosen to support the theme of my life with unimpeachable evidence in a self-documented book overwhelmed me, and I was able to say again: "I am not alone in this battle to preserve America and her Christian tradition." Colonel Beaty's discussion of the Jewish problem makes it one of the greatest reference books on the subject ever to be produced.

St. Paul once said: "We are all surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses." With all due respect for his sacred and anointed purposes, I can truthfully say that in this battle to protect our Nation and our civilization from the forces of the anti-Christ, we are indeed surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.

Those of us who are alert to this threat may be branded by the enemy as bigoted and prejudiced hatemongers, but nothing could be more false. We constitute a band of uncompromising lovers of Christ - the same Christ who said: "If any man would be my disciple let him take up his cross and follow me."

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