by Gerald L. K. Smith

In the tradition of folklore we read of Gulliver's giant. This mighty man fell asleep. The hypnosis of his slumber was so complete that the visiting pygmies boasted among themselves that this was their chance to enslave the giant and forever subdue him to their will. Under the direction of superintendents, masterminds and pygmy slaves, they drove the stakes into the ground and proceeded to rope the giant. They wove a network of pygmy ropes from stake to stake, across hand and foot, leg and arm, neck and body. The strutting pygmies walked up and down the giant's stomach like conquering soldiers walking up and down the streets of a subdued city. Occasionally the snoring 'mammoth' would breathe deep. The mere depth of breathing would loosen some stakes and break some of the ropes. This was treated as a catastrophic emergency, and the organized pygmies would immediately redouble their efforts, retie the ropes and increase the number of strands.

Suddenly something happened. Circumstances outside the imagination of the pygmies struck the eardrums of the giant, and the awakening process set in as he began to flex his muscles, move his arms and lift his legs. The ropes which appeared like permanent shackles to the pygmies broke like seaming thread in the hands of a strong man. The tiny creatures which were walking up and down his legs and back and forth across his stomach were thrown to the ground as though they had fallen from the roof of a building shaken by an earthquake. The giant which they thought was drowsy enough to be subdued and enslaved needed only to awaken to free himself from their microscopic Machiavellian techniques.

The United States of America occupies a position today strikingly similar to that of the slumbering giant. We have been overrun with pygmies, poisoners and traitors. Ten thousand organizations have sprung up for the purpose of crystallizing this shackling process, this program of bureaucratic regimentation, this inoculation of treason's poison. To the shortsighted and faithless, America has been drugged, opiated, shackled and subdued. It is my deep conviction that America still has her muscular sinews, her nervous energy and her dynamic bloodstream of character and statesmanship. Beneath the surface our gigantic strength remains. As long as the giant slumbers, however, he can ultimately be subdued. His resistance, although almost limitless, can eventually be reduced. Therefore, the awakening process is the circumstance which spells survival and victory for those of us who have given our lives to the task of saving America from enemies both foreign and domestic. At last, the boastful arrogance of the enemy has disturbed the eardrum of the giant. The awakening process is beginning. The enemy has talked too loud. He has boasted too much. The screams of arrogance are being heard. The American giant is about to flex his muscle. He is about to take that deep breath which will snap the chains that were intended to reduce us to slavery.

Below I list a few examples:

1. The Russian sputnik awakened America to the necessity of intense and thorough preparation in her national defenses.

2. The arrogant political victories of Walter Reuther and his Moscow-trained ilk awakened millions of slumbering citizens who are determined that Moscow-trained organizers shall not rule America.   (go to top)

(continued - The Awakening Giant)

3. Extravagant spending in Washington has made our people realize that their savings might be wiped out by inflation.

4. The arrogant campaign of the organized Jew in his determination to wipe out the name of Jesus Christ in relation to all tax-supported institutions is alarming an ever-increasing number of self-respecting citizens.

5. It is beginning to dawn on the real citizens of America that one of our greatest protectors (the late Senator Joseph McCarthy) was 'crucified' by the conspiring enemies of America who puppeteered men in high office.

6. The defeat of Communist and Jew-controlled elements in the French Republic under the leadership of Charles de Gaulle is symptomatic of a trend which has developed in both England and the United States.

7. The savage threats of the barbaric political leaders of Communist China have become so loud and raucous that they are tending to awaken, the slumbering giant of the Western Hemisphere.

8. The demagogues, the mongrelizers, the sentimentalists, and the Communists themselves became over-confident in their determination to destroy racial self-respect. They boasted through the voices of such personalities as Eleanor Roosevelt that eventually the white race would disappear. These arrogant boastings, these brazen claims for the right of way have boomeranged. The reaction is on. The awakening is taking place.

9. One million starving Arabs, driven into the desert to die, are at last being heard by the rank and file of American citizens. It was the original intent of the Zionist Jew to control the press and the agencies of information so that the real American people would never know of this genocide. Objective-minded citizens who were quick to criticize those of us who challenged the ruthless ambition of the Zionist Jews have journeyed to the Middle East and have returned to warn America that the curse of God will fall on us if we permit ourselves in the final analysis to approve this robbery, the chicanery, and the murder that has been consummated against the helpless Arabs by these Zionist Jews who have desecrated the holy places and who are determined to establish a world capital in Jerusalem from which they hope to rule the world and manipulate all mankind.

America has been attacked by arsonists who have set the flame to the house in the night while the householder has slept; but they have made one mistake, they have made too much noise, they have talked too loud. The current of smoke has struck the nostrils of the householder. He is about to arouse himself and seize the telephone and call the fire department. Furthermore the arsonists made the mistake of parking their car under the street light where the license number can be seen. They have left their tracks in the mud. Their campaign has not been sufficiently subtle.

This humble summary, employing a simile is my way of saying that never have I been as encouraged as I am at this moment. The American people are in a mood to be awakened as they have not been for many years. Thank God, there are still enough informed patriots in the Nation to awaken and mobilize the sentiment of reaction which, when it matures, will drive the money-changers from the temple, cleanse the Augean stables, and purge the poisoned bloodstreams of Gulliver's giant.

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