by Gerald L. K. Smith

Genocide is a word which defines the liquidation of a group or a nationality. To illustrate: When the Jews terrorized the Middle East and wiped out whole villages of people who had not even resisted them for the purpose of creating terror, and eliminated them because they were Arabs, such an incident could be referred to as Genocide.

When any group in power attempts to liquidate a whole people because of their opinions or their racial or their religious background, it can well be called Genocide. It is alleged that the Nazis attempted to fulfill this formula, and after the war the Morgenthau Plan is alleged to have carried in it a formula for liquidating the German race.

Now comes the doctrine of integration. What quicker way could we liquidate the white race than to let down the barriers which segregate us from color? On the assumption that the wrong people in power could force integration as it was forced upon Portugal -- on the assumption that race-mixing could be enforced by law or by degeneration of racial self-respect, what quicker way could the white race be destroyed? No Negro offspring ever becomes white, because of one white parent. On the other hand, all of the offspring with one colored parent becomes identified with a race of color. For practical purposes, I think it would be correct to say: integration is Genocide.

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