by Gerald L. K. Smith

Truth is a person. That person is Jesus Christ. In announcing His personification of the divine harmony which should exist between man and God, Jesus said: "I am the truth." There is no truth that is separated from God. Truth is not something which is found, or discovered, or invented, or produced. It is that rythmatic harmony which exists between all logical facts when lubricated and regenerated and immortalized by the personality of the Son of God.

Jesus did not say, "I am the discoverer of truth," or "I am the teacher of truth," or "I am the writer of truth," or "I am the publisher of truth." He said: "I am THE TRUTH."

Fact is not tested and logic is not matured until it is personified by Jesus Christ. Any statement, any philosophy, any theory, any hypothesis, any intellectual project which contradicts, or opposes, or sabotages the personality of Jesus Christ is unsound and untrue.

Jesus does not claim to have uttered all the byproducts of truth, but it is His personality which furnishes or fulfills the constructive purposes of science, art and culture.

Science without Christ is purposeless materialism. Education without Christ renders evil more efficient. Culture without Christ is a witch's brew designed to destroy the civilization to which it has attached itself.

This is not to suggest that Jesus is a teacher of science, or an organizer of clubs and societies. He was not the president of a college, and He has manifested no desire to be the secretary of the National Education Association.

The personality of Jesus Christ is to the whole existence of man an element of life. To illustrate: Assemble, if you will, the greatest theologians on earth, and the greatest nuclear scientists, and the greatest educators, and the greatest statesmen, and the greatest artists. Gather these great ones in a hotel and surround them with a locked high fence. Give them everything they want, fulfill their every desire except one thing: water.

(continued - The birth of Truth)

Water is such a simple element that we take it for granted. Deny these people who are identified as the great of the world their necessary quotas of water and everything they stand for and everything they represent becomes futile and purposeless.

Jesus said: "I am the water of life." At another time He said: "I am the bread of life." And when He uttered the text of this little article, the whole statement is: "I am THE Way, THE Truth, THE Life."

In other words in this mysterious existence of man in a world where the wisdom of man is foolishness with God, we must recognize that the personality of Jesus Christ is an element of life, not an optional element, but a fundamental element.

Oh, how boastful we are. We claim to pierce outer space. We talk of machines going 5,000 miles an hour, but no man yet has been wise enough to reproduce a blade of grass or a common hen egg.

These limitations should humble us, and we should never cease to appreciate the advent of God's personality to this earth in order that the mysterious and unfathomable personality of our Creator might be interpreted to us by the way of His Virgin Born Son.

If truth were a book, they could burn it. If truth were a man, they could kill him. If truth were a system, they could slaughter the citizens who are loyal to that system. But truth is a divine and immortal person. He is the same person that could not be reached by Herod's slaughter-bund. He is the same person who could not be liquidated by the conspiracy of the Jewish high priest. He is the same person who could not be permanently sealed in a borrowed tomb even though guarded by the soldiers that the Jews bribed.

This is the Son of God whose birth we celebrate.

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